"Speaking of," Alice began, looking at Lyric. "The killing thing…. Just how, ah… Prevalent, is it within the Kids? Is it a common thing to kill others?" If there was any sense of unease, it wasn’t obvious. Alice kept her voice and stature collected, calm, as if she had been asking about the Cancer Kids’ history. 

Blind, on the meanwhile, took the spray can from Stray’s hand and looked at it for a moment. “I’ve never really painted before,” He began, sounding almost concerned, before he turned around to the other wall besides them, looked around for an empty space, and after accepting there weren’t any, sprayed out a candleflame-like shape on the wall and colored it in with the same neon green. He turned back to Stray once he was done. “Like this?” He asked, not unlike a young child who was learning what their rattle shaker does for the first time. 

"… Huh?" Lyric blinked, caught off-guard. Now, it wasn’t even that it was that strange a question. It was always a subject she had to ease her Kids into when she was ‘raising’ them into the crew, but… She sighed dramatically, rubbing her temples before she plopped down on the couch again. "Sit with me, puddin’. Lemme explain a thing…."

But instead of explaining, she only went on to watch their brothers working again. A small smile came onto her face, the same one Stray wore as he watched Blind painting for the first time.

"Just like that," he said gently, and motioned in the air like he would’ve proudly patted Blind on the back if he were comfortable touching him. "It’s easier than it looks… You’re doing good. Never woulda thought you’d never painted before otherwise" he continued to encourage, picking up another can of paint, a bright purple one this time, and shaking it as he excitedly gestured for Blind to continue.

"… Right," Lyric finally said, and clapped her hands together. "See, it’s like this…" She smiled, wildly flourishing in the air as if she were trying to snatch her thoughts out of the air. "Ummm, yeah. It’s like… well, think about it like this, maybe? The Kids, we’re like… coyotes," she offered hesitantly. "We’re just one breed. But Killjoys… that’s the whole species right there. Think every time of dog there is. So… dogs, what do they like to do? They… chase things and run around and sniff each other." She paused, thinking about it and chuckling a little. "Some more than others. Killing… it’s just one of those things, ya feel? Sometimes, you gotta hunt for food. It’s a dog eat dog world out here, after all.” She shrugged. “We… the Kids… maybe we have more fun with it than some o’the other breeds. That might be weird but that’s what works with us.”

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Alice’s reaction was visible disgust. Well, not necessarily disgust, but a very close relative to it. Perhaps a brother, or a child.

Blind, however seemed to ignore his sister’s visage and looked at Lyric as if he were impressed as Alice squirmed at Lyric slithering around her waist. “You’re that Lyric girl Red put in charge now that he’s doing dick-all.” He said, pointing at Lyric.

Alice chose this to be an opportune time to pry herself away from Lyric once she fully gave her offer, and the girl huffed, straightened out her shirt, and pulled at the hem of her jacket before answering. “No, he hasn’t, actually, and Bli…nd…” Alice went to look for her brother for encouragement, but was left with empty air in the place where he’d once been.

Instead, he was standing next to Stray, watching him grafitti. “Whatchya painting?” Blind asked, seeming, at least, more interested in what this unaffiliated third party was doing than what his sister and her apparent new belt were flirting now. She’s a capable person, Blind had told himself as he had hovered away from them, fully expecting an irritated younger sister come night.

If Lyric was at all bothered by Alice’s reactions to her, she didn’t look it, instead giving a pleasant little giggle as she squirmed away from her. She had to fight the urge to grab her again and pull her into a quick wrestling match on the floor right there, as was Cancer Kid custom. That was something the girl probably wasn’t used to, and as much as she wanted to play-fight, she wasn’t in the mood for a black eye just yet. 

"No worries! That’s what I’m here for. Anything you need," she added with a little suggestive wink. "Once you get used to it, it’s all pretty slick to go. Problem is getting used to it…"

Stray glanced at Blind for a split second before he went back to what he was painting. He shook the can a little harder than necessary and finished spraying out a thick green line across the wall before he passed the can to Blind distractedly. “Not sure,” he grunted, then focused his attention on him again, pushing navy blue hair out of his face as he looked. “You try.”

"Aww, look," Lyric giggled, pointing past Alice and towards where their brothers stood. "Lil Blind’s already being accepted into the pack. He’ll be killin’ in no time~"

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Alice is a hard person to startle. With a tougher skin than her brother, most things either fail to permeate through her into her core, or she never gives the stimulate the chance to get close enough to get under her skin. 

Lyric jumping out of her seat and pulling her into a hug, though, shocked her in a way she hadn’t experienced in a while.

"I, ah, I’ve, been hiding, I guess, with, withmybrother, Blind Eyes," Alice stammered once Lyric let go of her shoulders, looking over her shoulder to her brother, motioning him forward before turning back to Lyric. In the background, Blind put down his plate and began walking towards them, curious but nonplussed.

Once Lyric introduced herself, however, Alice’s discombobulated state disappeared instantly, leaving a brief look of confusion and realization. “You’re the girl Red put as head now that he’s out.” She stated before Blind reached to her side. He looked at his sister, then at Lyric and Stray.

"So I’m guessing my sister introduced me to you two?" He asked, looking from Lyric to Stray, and after seeing his attention stolen, back to Lyric. 

"She might’ve mentioned it," Lyric chirped, a mischievous grin on her face at Alice’s reaction. She inched a little closer to the other girl, reaching out to toy with her hair and twirl it between painted fingers, wanting to see how she reacted as she focused more on Blind. "I am indeed-y the lady of the house at the moment. That’s kind of standard shit, it’s either me or Zeph, really… my girl~"

Purring a little, she inched closer again to wrap her arms around Alice, this time coiling them around her waist. She got behind her and flashed a smile at Blind as she nestled her chin into her shoulder, obviously quite comfortable and humming with content. “I dunno if Bossman really showed you the ropes when you got here… he usually leaves that job to us girlies. We’re responsible… and he… is not,” she laughed a little, squishing her cheek against Alice’s. 

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Blind and Alice have had a hard time trying to become part of the Cancer Kids. Both abrasive, both private, but even with Alice warming up much faster than her brother, they had equally felt like they weren’t part of the pack, and mealtime proved that fact mroe aptly than any other time. The duo sat together away from of the Kids, eating their meal as they both watched the chaos of the Kids unfold before their eyes. Alice’s eyes wandered away from the screaming Kids to glance at another duo near the couch.

"Hey," She said, hitting Blind’s arm with the back of her hand to pull his attention, not looking away from them. "Who’re they?" Alice asked, nodding her head to them. Blind squinted.

Despite being at the Gallows longer than his sister, Blind barely knew anyone, and any time his sister asked who someone was he couldn’t help but feel almost a little ashamed. His apathy towards most, though, stopped most of that feeling. He shrugged, taking another bite of the food on his plate (too stubborn to eat with his hands, he needed to keep some form of civility out here). “Dunno. Don’t think I’ve met them yet.”

Alice watched them talk, though, watching the man spray paint on the wall. In a minute decision, she wolfed down the rest of her food and got up to walk towards them. Blind didn’t move after her though, he watched her back from afar and continued eating. Alice was apt to help herself in small skirmishes; he wasn’t far enough where he couldn’t leap to her come a mishap.

"Hey," Alice said to the seated girl once she was in front of her, hands in her jacket pockets. "Don’t think I’ve met you. Alice in Wonderland," She introduced herself, taking a hand out of her pocket for a handshake. "You?"

Lyric popped up in her seat as Alice approached, her mouth dropping open and bright red lips forming a neat little ‘o’ as she looked her over. It wasn’t like it was exactly rare for her to not recognize a Kid; the crew’s numbers were constantly fluctuating, what with the way nearly all the members obsessively tried to recruit every stray they came across in the desert, but more often than not there was a shyness in newbies when it came to adjusting to the gang’s wild ways. It was usually the other way around, with her bounding over to the motorbabies she spotted to introduce her to everyone else…

"…. That’s cute!" she gasped out, jumping off the couch. She immediately took Alice’s hand and yanked her into a quick hug, squealing as she did. "You’re cute, where the fuck have you been hiding, Alice?!"

Beaming, she released her, still gripping her shoulders as she smiled for a moment before she let her go completely. “Lyric Pool, at your service. And that over there is my brother. He goes by Star Strangled but we call him Stray… for short.” She gestured at him, and he turned his head and gave a short wave over to her before he went back to painting what was quickly forming into some sort of insect. “How new are you, babe?”

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Lyric sighed dramatically, plopping herself down on a couch and immediately sinking into the crumbling cushion pillows. Mealtimes had to be the best and worst part of the day; it was definitely the busiest time, when the Kids seemed to be at one of their most chaotic. The amount of fights she had to break up, and over the littlest things… 

"We should invest in a muzzle," she suddenly said out loud, directing her thoughts to the figure by the wall, just outside of her range of sight. "Glow’s not gonna have any teeth left if they keep this up."

"Mhm," her brother only hummed in response. Stray frowned at the wall, staring intently at the ever-changing murals that coated the Gallow walls. "Pick a color."

"Green," she answered automatically. After waiting a moment to hear the resounding hiss of spray paint filling the air, she continued. "I’m serious. I know we’re more or less grounded from killin’ shit but if this keeps up, I don’t know how we’ll survive…”


We are like a religion.
We, the tired ones. We,
the middle of the night ones.
We, the howl at the moon ones.
We, the aching.

Our bodies are like prayers,
like a pair of hands held out,
waiting for the rain
to come and fill them.
We, these burned bridges.
We, these altars.

If God is gone, then we are our own churches.

We, the abandoned. We,
the holy, arching like
the gates of heaven, finding
forgiveness where we used
to find nothing.

If God is gone, then maybe he
has hidden the light inside of us.

We, the hallelujahs.
We, the amens and the
We, the dirges.
We, the absolutions.


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