Yay! Then can you read me a story??

Yes! I’ll read you a story. It’ll be your reward for bein’ such a good little boy~ <3

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littlestbrotherhalo said: Iiiiii’llll help if it means I get to stay up later~!!

Oooh, you little sneak!! Usin’ me to get what you want, already…

I’m so proud!! 

Course ya can help, Halo. <33

Oh, sure, leave all the hard work to me and then throw yourself a party the second you get back again.

And who’s gonna have to clean this shit up? 

Fuckin’ me. I fuckin’ swear~….

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Tagged: #lyric pool  

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We are the ones, the ones you left behind.
Don’t tell us how, tell us how to live our lives.
Ten million strong we’re breaking all the rules.
Thank you for nothing, cause there’s nothing left to lose.

Thank you for feeding us years of lies.
Thank you for the wars you left us to fight.
Thank you for the world you ruined overnight.
But we’ll be fine, yeah we’ll be fine.


(Thank You)

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Rainbow. Adrian Landon Brooks.

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You’re…squishing me again,..Lyric.

//doesn’t resist and hugs back, nodding slowly//

I know, baby, I know. I like squishing you~ <33

//smiling, she kisses the top of his head// Hm… what should we do about that, honey?

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